Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

satria fu

gambar satria fu modif Scorpio Z even stronger because Yamaha updating the design of its legs. With new materials and special, this bike will be more robust and not easily porous. In addition, the muscular body of this bike has a heavier load. Nevertheless, sturdy legs that will support the weight of the motor's maximum. Order Yamaha Scorpio Z also very sturdy because it uses a system Double Cradle. This framework is also often found in well-known motor sport such as Yamaha Vixion. Frame and sturdy legs make it more durable and will not be easy to loss in long-term use. See more detail of specifications and price Yamaha Scorpio Z below.
This sturdy frame also makes Yamaha Scorpio Z-resistant though often used for long trips. The motors are very suitable for this touring will not lose kegarangannta though often invited to go to the field is heavy and hard. With a driving system that is resilient in the sharp corners, the motor is still providing comfort for the rider. In a fairly high speed, the motor is still easy to control even in rough terrain. With a more assertive and sharp, the body Scorpio Z became very fierce and masculine. The tank capacity of 13 liters makes the whole body look very muscular Scorpio Z. Yamaha Scorpio Z then the price is above the average is not really a problem because it will get the fan motor performance were truly amazing modifikasi satria fu

Keep in mind that there is also a lighting design adds to your riding comfort. Yamaha Scorpio Z has lights that are larger than ever before. Surely this would give comfort to the rider in the evening. Lights will be brighter and help drivers see the road more clearly. In the course of touring, of course will need a great light in the course of the night is very high. Design taillights also have characteristic variants of Scorpio. From the initial version to the latest version, this motor design has a light that is not owned by any other motor sport. Manly masculine appearance and that is the appeal in the eyes of the major motor sport fans. (Competitors: Specifications and Price Honda CBR 150R)

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